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(League of Rogues, #3)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Cover Blurb:

He doesn’t need his eyes to uncover her true beauty.

The League of Rogues, Book 3

Cedric, Viscount Sheridan, is cursed. Once the ton’s golden boy, the loss of his sight has left him a reclusive shell of man. His days of womanizing, horse racing and pistol shooting lost forever.

Offered the chance to recapture a small part of his old life, he can’t refuse—even if it means accepting the shocking proposal of the infamous ice maiden, Anne Chessley.

Still reeling from her father’s death, Anne’s deepest wish is to avoid the hordes of fortune hunters who will soon be beating down her door. Proposing marriage to Cedric is an act of desperation, his unexpected acceptance a strange and wonderful dream.

His only stipulation: she must respond passionately and wantonly in his bed. Her agreement barely crosses her lips before he begins a sensual assault on the icy walls bitter secrets have built around her heart.

Yet even as they catch a glimpse of true happiness, betrayal is poised to sweep them away on opposing tides of danger.

Warning: Contains an outwardly aloof heroine with a secretly tender heart, a once-notorious rake who isn’t quite as rusty at seduction as he feared, and a band of rogues who join together to make sure happily-ever-afters do come true.


This is the third book in Lauren Smith’s League of Rogues series and I was delighted to find myself once more in the company of those handsome, wicked rogues… Godric, Lucien, Cedric, Charles, Ashton and newest member, Jonathan St. Laurent, Godric’s half-brother.

Cedric is finding it hard to come to terms with his blindness, not only physically but also emotionally. He can no longer do the things he once enjoyed – riding, shooting and hunting.  A virtual recluse, Cedric has to rely on Ashton, the most patient of his friends, to provide the necessary help he needs to cope with the everyday practicalities of being blind. None of his friends know how close he has come to ending it all.

The victim of a vile assault two years ago, Anne has built a protective shell around herself; her cold exterior earning her the name “ice maiden”.  When her beloved father dies, leaving her a wealthy heiress, she finds herself both lonely and desperate to escape the fortune hunters who are constantly pursuing her.

I really liked Cedric and Anne as a couple; they each bring something that the other desperately needs. Anne brings light into Cedric’s dark world and makes him believe that life is still worth living…

“Being with you…it’s like seeing the world again when I thought I’d be trapped in darkness forever. 

while Cedric gradually breaks down Anne’s protective shell releasing the sensual woman beneath…

She was succumbing to his patient and gentle seductions for better or worse.

The romance is both sweet and sexy, especially when Cedric sets out to seduce his wife. I really liked the emphasis on touch in the love scenes which I feel made them more sensual.

His fingertips ran a slow line up her throat and along the line of her jaw to reach her chin. Anne felt as though she was an uncharted foreign land. Cedric’s fingertips were memorizing the contours of her country for his own private map.

As always, I enjoyed the camaraderie and banter between the members of the League of Rogues. I was also intrigued by the rather heated scene between Ashton and Lady Rosalind Melbourne and I think there is more to Charles’s servant Tom Linley than meets the eye.

There is action and danger as the League’s nemesis Hugo Waverley continues to plot his revenge but danger also comes in the form of a vengeful slave trader who has a score to settle with Cedric.

MY VERDICT: If you are looking for a story with great characters and just the right mix of romance and action, then you will definitely enjoy HER WICKED PROPOSAL.




Read January 2016

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My sincere thanks to Lauren Smith for providing me with a copy of her book in return for an honest review.


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