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“Over the years I’ve collected a thousand memories of you, every glimpse, every word you’ve ever said to me. All those visits to your family’s home, those dinners and holidays—I could hardly wait to walk through the front door and see you.” The corners of his mouth quirked with reminiscent amusement. “You, in the middle of that brash, bull-headed lot…I love watching you deal with your family. You’ve always been everything I thought a woman should be. And I have wanted you every second of my life since we first met.” 

(Matthew Swift to Daisy Bowman)

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A book had always been a door to another world… a world much more interesting and fantastical than reality. But she had finally discovered that life could be even more wonderful than fantasy.

And that love could fill the real world with magic. 

(Daisy Bowman)

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“I want to know what your five-dollar wish was for.”

“Is that all?” He smiled beneath her exploring fingertips. “I wished you would find someone who wanted you as much as I did. But I knew it wouldn’t come true.”

The candlelight slid over Daisy’s delicate features as she raised her head to look at him. “Why not?”

“Because I knew no one could ever want you as much as I do.”

Daisy levered herself farther over him until her hair tumbled in a dark curtain around them both.

“What was your wish?” Matthew asked, combing his fingers through the fall of shimmering hair.

“That I could find the right man to marry.” Her tender smile stopped his heart. “And then you appeared.”

(Daisy Bowman and Matthew Swift)

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