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(Dangerous Rogues #2)

Genre: Historical Romance (Victorian)

Official Blurb 

Seduce and Destroy

Tristan Bradley, the notorious Marquess of Castleigh, is a danger to any woman’s reputation. Devastatingly handsome and devilishly seductive, he delights in the challenge of a lovely new conquest—especially when she’s engaged to a man he despises. But when this particular young lady asks him to dance, Tristan realizes he may not be the only one playing a game.

Or Fall Dangerously in Love

Defiantly bold and disarmingly beautiful, Lady Charlotte Lindsey will do anything to break free from her loathsome fiancé—even destroy her good name to do it. What better way to seal the deal than a tryst with Lord Tristan, who’s led many a girl to ruin? But when Charlotte looks into his eyes—and Tristan takes her in his arms—all of their schemes melt away…because the heart has a plan of its own.


(Note: In the early part of this book, the story runs concurrently with events happening in Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady but these same events are seen from Tristan and Charlotte’s perspective. I would, therefore, advise reading Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady first.)

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and was looking forward to reading Midnight Temptations With a Forbidden Lord but, overall, I was really disappointed.


Tristan makes an admirable hero. I loved his devotion to his sister and the children and admired the fact that he wasn’t prepared to marry anyone who wouldn’t accept his family just as they are. I particularly enjoyed his scenes with the children…they reveal the real man behind the rakish reputation. I could understand his desire to ruin Warren given the despicable way he had treated Tristan’s sister, Bea.

I definitely did not warm to Charlotte. She came across as self-centered, stubborn, impulsive and, sometimes, very naive. For instance, I couldn’t believe that she was so naive as to think her father would welcome her back with open arms after she had been compromised. The fact that she did’nt show any concern for her cousin Genny, when she was ruined and ostracised by society, definitely counted as another black mark against her character as far as I was concerned.

I never felt that all important chemistry between Tristan and Charlotte…that spark that really makes me believe that they are truly meant to be together. I enjoyed their initial lively dialogue and the amusing letters they exchanged but this did not make up for the lack of any deep emotional connection between them. As a consequence I didn’t find their falling in love very believable particularly as there was no build up…it seemed to happen too suddenly.

I found the ending very abrupt leaving too many unanswered questions. I can only assume that Ms Clare intends to bring all these issues to a resolution in the final book of the trilogy, The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride. 

I was intrigued by the infamous Jezebel, Dowager Countess of Fallon and the enigmatic Hayden, Duke of Alsborough in the first book and definitely want read their story. My hope is that, in this final book, Ms Clare will recapture some of the magic of Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady, which made it such a delightful and entertaining romance.



Read September 2013


The Dangerous Rogues series (click on cover for more details):

Wicked Nights With a Proper Lady (Dangerous Rogues, #1) Midnight Temptations with a Forbidden Lord (Dangerous Rogues, #2) The Scandalous Duke Takes a Bride (Dangerous Rogues, #3)– 25 February 2014

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