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The Rumor (#0.5)

Setting: New York City,1800 and London, 1802

Lady Augustine Jane Ascott longs for a man who will do more than offer his hand in marriage. She wants a husband she can trust, someone who will shield her from the darkness of the world. Her heart was broken when her little brother was kidnapped years earlier, and she still carries the pain of his loss.

When the handsome Duke of Wentworth makes his feelings for her known, Augustine’s past demons warn her away. Besides, every woman in London knows he’s devoted to the memory of his late wife. But is it possible he cares for her after all and that their love can bring them the peace they both crave?

Important Note from Ms Marvelle’s Website

Bonus Chapters from Forever Mine that were not included in this Prequel Novella are available for free download. These two bonus chapters are the untold story of what happened to Nathaniel from Augustine’s point of view. The publisher removed these two chapters from Forever Mine, despite my insisting upon their importance to the series and the novella. Which is why I am offering them for free. I feel this story and the entire series is incomplete without them, and in my opinion, are critical in understanding Nathaniel’s story whom the entire series is based on. I have provided the link to her website:



I discovered Delilah Marvelle last year when I read Mistress of Pleasure, the first book in her School of Gallantry series. It was so refreshingly different, uproariously funny and wickedly sexy that I became an instant fan. I’ve since bought her Scandal and Rumor series together with Lord of Pleasure, the second book in the School of Gallantry series.

Since her brother was kidnapped two years ago, Lady Augustine Ascott’s life has had little meaning. The only thing keeping her going is her determination to do everything in her power to find her brother. Only then can she truly move on and have everything she yearns for, a husband and children.

Leonard Stewart, Duke of Wentworth has mourned his wife for seven years but now realises it’s time to move on with his life. Augustine is the only woman who has captured his interest and he’s determined to gain both her trust and her heart.

Augustine is such an endearing heroine; strong yet with a core of vulnerability, determined, loyal, and ‘innocence wrapped in odd maturity’. I enjoyed watching her come to realize just how much Leonard means to her and that it’s time to move on with her life.

What can I say about Leonard, other than every woman should be lucky enough to meet such a man! Dashing, honourable, protective, caring, patient and witty, he’s the perfect match for Augustine. He understands her feelings so well because he has experienced the loss of his beloved wife. I admire his willingness to help Augustine in her search for her brother although he fears he may well lose her to this obsession.

This is a sweetly satisfying love story and a must read if, like me, you want to read the series and discover what really happened to Nathaniel!

RATING: ★★★★


Read February 2013

The Rumor series:

Forever Mine (#0.5)
Forever and a Day (#1)
Forever a Lady (#2)
Forever a Lord (#3)

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