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The Trouble With Sin (Devilish Vignettes, #2) – FREE ON KINDLE!

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Don’t miss this chance to get THE TROUBLE WITH SIN by Victoria Vane absolutely free!

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This is a great introduction to Victoria Vane’s fantastic The Devil DeVere series and free as well!

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*Book 2 of The Devilish Vignettes*

Setting: London, 1764

**The Trouble with Sin(Devilish Vignette #2) is a comic romp that follows on the heels of Devil in the Making. It is also a prequel to Jewel of the East ( book #5 in the Devil Devere series)

Official Blurb

The Trouble with Sin … Is the devil within…
Aspiring poet Simon “Sin” Singleton, has lived his life only for larks, laughter, and ladies of easy virtue, eluding defying, and flouting all manner of authority until his impetuous misdeeds finally catch up with him. Having lost his muse, his allowance, and even his friends by edict from a tyrannical father and puritanical mother, Simon is ready to drown himself in drink, until receiving an ingenious proposition that could change everything.

The wages of Sin is……twenty-five percent of the net!It seems a fantasy come true when Simon is offered an independent income by combining his two great passions— poetry and lewd women —by writing poetry about lewd women! Unfortunately, maintaining anonymity may be much harder than he thought…


Those three, young, roguish friends, Ludovic (The Devil) DeVere, Simon (Sin) Singleton and Ned (Dull Dog) Chambers are back to entertain us with more bawdy misadventures! This time it is Sin’s turn in the spotlight.

Sin has two weaknesses – women and a penchant for writing lewd poetry. He also has a big problem – a lack of funds with which to indulge said inclinations. Of course, his attempts to remedy the situation involve not only subterfuge but also lead him into a number of wickedly funny situations involving:

Not only a…

But also a…

Not to mention a…

Plus assorted…

And not forgetting a…

Although this is not a romance, don’t let that put you off. It would be a pity to miss such ribald delights as this…

“Has Sin not told you, Ned? But I suppose you’ve been away too long to have heard. Sin has taken Harris’ directory of Covent Garden whores to poetic heights.”
Ned sat back and eyed Simon from beneath furrowed brows. “So you have become a pimp?”
“Come now, Ned, such contempt?” DeVere protested. “The man does the world a service. Don’t be such a prig!”
Ned only seemed to grow even more disapproving. “I only call a spade a bloody spade—and a pimp, however poetically inclined, is still a pimp. You waste your breath if you think to convince me that this is a philanthropic endeavor.”
“My dear Ned,” Simon replied, “we speak of a business dating back to man’s fall from Grace, and as long as man remains thusly, a need will always exist to provide gratification of his carnal appetites.”
Ned argued, “Judging by the thousands of whores and illegitimate spawn habiting this city, I would say that man has managed quite well unassisted.”

The darker Epilogue sets the scene for Sin and Salime’s story in the forthcoming Jewel of the East.

Ms Vane has given us another delightfully naughty Georgian romp full of witty banter and fun characters.



The Devilish Vignettes(click on the books for more details):

Devil in the Making (Devilish Vignettes #1) The Trouble With Sin (Devilish Vignettes #2) Ned's Folly (Devilish Vignettes #3) and Phoebe’s Prince (cover not yet available)

My sincere thanks to Victoria Vane for providing me with a copy of this vignette in return for an honest review.

Read March 2013

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Official Blurb

Every devil has a beginning…
A rebellious young nobleman’s prank with the king’s lion goes comically awry, leading to a startling chain of events.

A riotous Georgian romp in the tradition of Fielding’s Tom Jones and a prequel to the Devil DeVere series.
**This title is NOT a romance**


Take Heart! An announcement for all those readers suffering from a severe case of DeVere deprivation….he’s back!

This time, as the title suggests, the story centres on the nineteen year old Devere and his close friends, Ned Chambers (A Wild Night’s Bride) and Simon Singleton (hero of the forthcoming Jewel of the East).

DeVere definitely shows all the promise of the arrogant, irreverent, scandalous and devious rogue so adored by all the devotees of the Devil Devere series. Mischief and mayhem follow in their wake as he involves his friends in some hilarious shenanigans involving:

Not only…

But also…

Not to mention a…

And a…

I’m not sure how Ms Vane does it, but there’s real depth to DeVere’s character despite the constraints of this short story. Meeting his father and mother, we get an insight into the family dynamics that must have had a profound influence in shaping the man he became. There are also glimpses of those admirable qualities he has always sought to conceal; his generosity, his deep loyalty to his friends and his personal code of honour.

Although not a romance, Devil in the Making is a MUST-READ for all fans of The Devil DeVere series. It’s uproariously entertaining, wickedly bawdy and comes with a heavenly dose of the mouth-watering Devere!!

RATING: ★★★★★

My sincere thanks to Victoria Vane for providing me with a copy of Devil in the Making in return for an honest review.

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For those readers who, like me, absolutely loved Victoria’s Devil DeVere series, she is releasing four vignettes over the next few months.


DEVIL IN THE MAKING (Devilish Vignette #1)
– released this month



NED’S FOLLY (Devilish Vignette #2)
– December 2012


THE TROUBLE WITH SIN (Devilish Vignette #3)
– January 2013

A Devil's Touch

A DEVIL’S TOUCH (Devilish Vignette #3)
– February 2013

For more details visit Victoria Vane’s website:


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