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Cat Sebastian Interview - author photo

I’m delighted to welcome author of steamy, upbeat Historical Romance CAT SEBASTIAN to Rakes and Rascals today for an exclusive interview.

Hi Carol! Thanks for having me.



Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

I was born in New Jersey and that’s mainly where I grew up, with detours in New York and overseas. I basically spent my entire childhood reading, watching cartoons, and also failing to learn the rules of social engagement, which it turns out is how most people I know spent their childhoods, so I guess my childhood was pretty standard.


How would you describe yourself – temperamental or easy-going?

I’m easy-going 90% of the time. But honestly now I’m imagining my husband, parents, and kids reading that and laughing their heads off, so maybe I’m a bit temperamental? Slightly?

When it comes to food do you like sweet or savoury or both?

Savory, with the following exceptions: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Nutella. But usually I’d rather eat scrambled eggs than cake or ice cream. But I like to bake.


What is your most treasured possession?

Ooh, this is hard. We’ll stipulate actual inanimate objects, not people or dogs or whatever. I have a few bits of jewelry that belonged to my grandmother, including her engagement ring. I never wear any of it (because I pretty much never wear any jewelry beyond my wedding ring, which I don’t take off, because I’d lose it immediately) but occasionally I have to check that it’s where it belongs and I’m very happy when I see it.

(Ok but also my phone, I love my phone, I would suffer without it.)

If we’re counting animals, here’s a picture of my beloved dogs, one of whom is a very smart and savvy rat terrier type of thing, and the other who has his head stuck in a bag of chips.                                                                                                                                                                                           

If you could afford a second home anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

Until recently I’d have said I wanted a place in New York, because I periodically get homesick. But, realistically, I think at this point in my life an hour in a crowded subway would make me catatonic. I’d like a house in the mountains of North Carolina or eastern Tennessee, someplace isolated and quiet but with excellent internet. And grocery delivery. And less than an hour’s drive from where I live. (This place does not exist.)

Finally, what has been your most embarrassing moment?

I…honestly can’t think of the most embarrassing moment, probably because I embarrass myself routinely and now my embarrassment rating system is irretrievably messed up. Once I fainted while getting a very tiny and silly tattoo, which was not my finest hour. It was at this Very Serious Tattoo Parlor in Alphabet City in New York in the 90s, and there were snakes in tanks and Very Serious Tattoo People milling around and I passed out after about twenty minutes of work. When I came to, the tattoo artist was staring at me in horror and I said “Oh, I bet that happens all the time,” and she was like “uh, NOPE.” So, let’s go with that, final answer.


Thank you for taking time out to be here today and sharing these interesting facts about yourself, Cat.

Thank you for having me!


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