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Callie Hutton Interview - author picture

I’m delighted to welcome USA Today Bestselling author CALLIE HUTTON to Rakes and Rascals today for an exclusive interview.

I am very excited to be here today. I’m looking forward to the interview and getting to know your readers.



Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

I was born and raised in a major city in New Jersey. It was also the time in our history when most mothers were at home, and there were tons of kids to play with. No video games or internet. We were sent outside to play first thing in the morning and except for lunch we were not expected back home until dinner time. In the summer time if you weren’t in when the street lights went on you were in big trouble. We all had chores and the only sports we played were with neighbourhood kids. No shuffling to dance lessons, baseball practice or piano lessons.


How would you describe yourself – temperamental or easy-going?

I am probably one of the few mothers you will meet whose adult children will tell you I’m too easy going. Discipline was never my forte. But, thankfully, my kids turned out great. My daughter is a kick-ass law enforcement officer, and my son and his wife have adorable two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys, who I call ‘the twinadoes.’ We all live in Oklahoma

Callie Hutton Interview - GrandchildrenCallie Hutton Interview - Grandchildren Watching Cat in the Hat
‘The Twinadoes’


When it comes to food do you like sweet or savoury or both?


What is your most treasured possession?

My family. No question that there is no material possession that matches the ones I love.


If you could afford a second home anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

Probably a little cottage somewhere in the English countryside.


Finally, what has been your most embarrassing moment?

I have what my family calls ‘selective memory.’ I don’t really remember the bad things in my life, so I can’t recall anything embarrassing. I’m sure there is something, but…


Thank you for taking time out to be here today and sharing these interesting facts about yourself, Callie.

Thank you so much for having me. It was fun!


If you would like to find out more about Callie and her books, here are the links:



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Source: Received an ARC from the author via NetGalley.

(Lords of Anarchy, #1)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Cover Blurb:


Heartbroken by the loss of her brother, Miss Leonora Craven vows to uncover the truth about his “accident,” which seems to have been anything but. Jonathan Craven was involved with the Lords of Anarchy, a notorious driving club, and Leonora can’t help but suspect foul play. But the only way she can infiltrate their reckless inner circle is to enlist the help of Jonny’s closest ally, Lord Frederick Lisle. If only he didn’t also happen to be the man who broke Leonora’s heart…


Frederick isn’t surprised to find gorgeous, headstrong Leonora playing detective, but he knows that the Lords of Anarchy mean business—and he has no choice but to protect her. A sham engagement to Leonora will allow Frederick to bring her into the club and along for the ride. But it isn’t long before pretending to be lovers leads to very real passion. With everything to lose, is their tempestuous affair worth the risk?

Date of publication: 31 March 2025


Source: Won in a Giveaway

(Marriage Mart Mayhem, #2)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Cover Blurb:

London 1814…

Drake, Duke of Manchester is searching the Marriage Mart for a perfect bride. He wants a woman who is poised, sophisticated, and worthy of the title Duchess. But most of all, he wants a woman who does not want the useless emotion of love.

Socially awkward Miss Penelope Clayton isn’t meant for marriage. A serious botanist, she has no desire to wed, so being forced by her guardian to participate in the Season to find a husband is torture. She’ll never fit in with the ton, especially if they discover she’s been pretending to be a man within the scientific community.

As Drake’s family makes over Penelope, turning her from naive bluestocking to enchanting debutante, he is put upon to introduce her to society and eligible bachelors. Despite dance lessons and new gowns, Penelope is the opposite of poised and sophisticated as she stumbles from one mishap to the next. Why then, does he find it so hard to resist her?


Source: Purchased from Amazon Kindle

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency and Medieval)

Cover Blurb:

Enter a world of dark romances, dark dreams, and ultimate passion in this two-book, multi-historical collection from bestselling authors, Regency powerhouse Christi Caldwell and Medieval master Kathryn Le Veque.


For Georgina Wilcox, only child of the notorious traitor known as “The Fox”, there are too many secrets to count. However, after her interference results in great tragedy, she resolves to never help another… until she meets Adam Markham.

Lord Adam Markham is captured by The Fox. Imprisoned, Adam loses everything he holds dear. As his days in captivity grow, he finds himself fascinated by the young maid, Georgina, who cares for him. When the carefully crafted lies she’s built between them begin to crumble, Georgina realizes she will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to Adam—even it means at the expense of her own life


1197 A.D. – Smarting from the loss of his betrothed, Sir Keller de Poyer has learned not to trust women. A bear of a man with a brilliant mind, Keller is socially awkward but an accomplished knight. He is so accomplished in fact that his liege, William Marshal, gifts the man with lands in Wales for his meritorious service. But there is a catch – in order to secure the lands and titles, he must marry the Welsh heiress.

And so begins the journey into the Netherworld – a castle with a dark reputation and an heiress who hides her own terrible secrets. Death lives at Nether and Keller is caught in the maelstrom. Can he save his new wife from danger and betrayal before it’s too late?

This collection is a LIMITED EDITION that also contains bonus chapters of unpublished and published works from these two top-selling authors.


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Source: Bought from Amazon Kindle

(Lonely Lords #5)

Genre: Historical Romance

Official Blurb 

Gabriel North has spent two years allowing his family to believe him dead, while he assumes the identity of a hardworking steward on the neglected Three Springs estate.

When Gabriel falls in love with Polonaise Hunt, cook at Three Springs, he realizes that until he solves the mystery of who tried repeatedly to kill him, he cannot ask any woman to share his life.

Gabriel resumes his proper identity as Marquis of Hesketh, only to find that Polonaise has also resumed her calling, that of talented portrait artist, and she’s been commissioned to paint Gabriel’s heir.

While Gabriel tries to untangle the mystery of his attempted murder, he finds Polonaise has been keeping secrets of her own. She can capture Gabriel’s likeness on canvas, but can he capture her heart?



Source: Bought from Amazon Kindle

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Official Blurb 

Jason Cavendish, the Earl of Coventry, is trying to discreetly locate his unwanted and abandoned bride among London society to request an annulment. However, he doesn’t remember what she looks like because he was blind drunk at his arranged wedding and hasn’t seen her since. The fascinating Lady Olivia has captured the Earl’s attention. Newly arrived from the country to stay with her school friend for the Season, she is appalled to discover that her husband, Lord Coventry, doesn’t even recognize her. She’s not about to tell the arrogant arse that she is his wife. Instead, she flirts with him by night and has her modiste send her mounting bills to him by day. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Too bad this woman finds her husband nearly irresistible.



Source: Bought from Amazon Kindle

(Lord and Lady Spy #1.5)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Official Blurb 

An exciting new novella in the popular Lord and Lady Spy series. Blue, an elite spy, tracks an assassin to Naples and the theater where his estranged wife performs. As he falls in love with his Helena again, Blue races to apprehend the assassin before he destroys them both.



Source: Won in a Giveaway

(The Reckless Brides #3)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Official Blurb 

When the Reckless Brides set their sights on England’s eligible bachelors, nothing can stop them. But when they are strangers in a strange land, anything can happen…

The Spy Who Loved Her

Assuming a false identity as a prim and proper governess, the bold and beautiful Cat Rowan thinks she has finally escaped the wild misadventures of her past—and the wickedly handsome spy who seduced her in India. Imagine her surprise when her employer introduces his brother: the very same cad who destroyed her heart!

The One Who Got Away

The Honorable Thomas Jellicoe cannot believe his eyes when he sees his beloved Cat—the Scottish beauty who nearly jeopardized his mission in India. Disguised as a horse trader from the bazaars of the Punjab, the British spy risked his life for one night of passion in her arms. But here and now—breaking all rules of decorum—one heated kiss ignites a flurry of gunfire. For their enemies have followed them home. And love is the greatest danger of all…


This is a historical biography but it sounded really interesting.


Source: Bought from Amazon Kindle

Official Blurb 

Penelope Devereux was the brightest star who ever shone in the court of Queen Elizabeth I in 16th-century England, and this biography challenges the usual historians’ view that she was merely a footnote to famous men’s lives. The questions explored include: What political significance did she hold with her brother, Essex, and the Queen? Why did Essex name her as a major player in the coup that cost him his head, and how did she walk free? What was she doing having secret meetings with the most hunted Jesuit priest in England? Most important of all, if Mary Boleyn was her great-grandmother, was King Henry VIII her great-grandfather? Her life touched on every great event of the age—the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the arrival of King James, and the Gunpowder Plot. She also knew many of the celebrated artistic figures of the day, including William Shakespeare. She was the most beautiful woman of her generation and muse to countless poets and musicians, yet she died in disgrace—a widow, outcast from court, and stripped of all her titles. Set against the character of Queen Elizabeth I and the staged pageantry of her Court, this dramatic and ultimately tragic story will have immediate appeal to all lovers of historical biographies.


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