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I’m thrilled to welcome renowned cover artist JON PAUL FERRARA to Rakes and Rascals today and I’m hoping we’ll discover more about the man behind those beautiful covers.

I thank you Carol for wanting to do an interview on me. I really enjoyed doing this interview and I hope your readers enjoy knowing a little more about me from a different perspective. I had fun doing it. Thanks!


Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

Jon Paul:
I was born in Jersey City which is in Northern part of NJ. At five years old my parents moved the family out to the suburbs in a small village called Ridgefield Park. I have two brothers, one 16 months older and an identical twin 2 minutes older 🙂 So you can say I’m the baby of the family (lol) All I have is very fond memories of growing up in Ridgefield Park. I remember as a kid going to the ice cream parlor up town… it was the last of the old ice cream parlors that were very similar to a Norman Rockwell painting. In the front window they had a picture of Ozzie Nelson from the famous sitcom Ozzie and Harriet during the 50’s. (that was before my time). Also I was very proud to say that I grew up in the same town as the famous rock musician Ricky Nelson. Ricky Nelson was considered the first teen idol and he was the son of Ozzie and Harriet who also appeared in the sitcom with his brother David.

How would you describe yourself – temperamental or easy-going?

Jon Paul:
I would say I am basically easing going person. My astrological sign is Libra and usually Libra’s are known to be easy going… they don’t like confrontation… I would also say I became more patient with age… When I was younger I would be more temperamental and less patient and would let more things get to me… If someone criticize me or my work I would be more defensive where these days I realize everyone is entitled to their opinion.

When it comes to food do you like sweet or savoury or both?

Jon Paul:
When I was younger I would prefer at times more salty foods over sweet. These days I can say I love my sweets more so. Though like everybody else I do watch what I eat and keep a healthier diet… As far as what sweets … I love chocolate, chocolate chip muffins, New York Peppermint Patties and I do like ice cream every once in a while. But nothing beats the homemade baking of my mother. Growing up in a all Italian family I always looked forward to Christmas to my mother’s delicious butter cookies, fudge, short bread, and pound cake beside numerous other treats (lol)

What is your most treasured possession?

Jon Paul:
That is a hard one to answer for there are so many things that I could be thankful for and that I do treasure. But I would have to say the thing I treasure most is the gift God gave me to make a living at doing the thing I love most which is my art. As they say the most precious things in life are things you can’t put a price tag on.

If you were able to afford a second home anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

Jon Paul:
I would love to have a second home in Italy the land of my ancestors. Just the beautiful art alone is not just being in the Museums, it’s also in the streets as in all of Europe. So if I had a second home it would definitely be in Europe somewhere.

Finally, what has been your most embarrassing moment?

Jon Paul:
As I mention early I have an identical twin brother. The one question I am always asked if my brother and I have ever played a trick on anybody pretending to be the other…Well when I was younger my twin brother had two dates on one night and asked me if I could take the other date out…. I was very reluctant at first, but I had to get my brother out of an awkward situation… So I had play him all night, everything was fine until I slipped up at the end and mentioned my brother as James when I was supposed to be James… So when I was revealed it was very embarrassing to say the least (lol)


Thank you for taking time out to be here today, Jon Paul and sharing these interesting facts about yourself.

It’s been my pleasure, Carol.


If you would like to find out more about Jon Paul and his work, here are the links:


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