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Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Official Blurb 

Regency propriety and Scottish boldness clash in this Regency romantic suspense flavored with a liberal dose of humor and a dash of inspiration.

Not a day has gone by that Ewan McTavish, the Viscount Sethwick, hasn’t dreamed of the beauty he danced with two years ago. He’s determined to win her heart and make her his own. Heiress, Yvette Stapleton, is certain of one thing; marriage is risky and, therefore, to be avoided. At first, she doesn’t recognize the dangerously handsome man who rescues her from assailants on London’s docks, but Lord Sethwick’s passionate kisses soon have her reconsidering her cynical views on matrimony. On a mission to stop a War Office traitor, Ewan draws Yvette into deadly international intrigue. To protect her, he exploits Scottish law, declaring her his lawful wife—without benefit of a ceremony. Yvette is furious upon discovering the irregular marriage is legally binding, though she never said, “I do.” Will Ewan’s manipulation cost him her newfound love.



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(Jewel #2.5)

Genre: Historical Romance (17th century)

Official Blurb 

A short novella (falls between Emerald and Amber) in the Jewel Trilogy.

England, 1667

Sensible Clarice Bradford is content in her widowhood. She has a pretty one-room cottage and a lovely little daughter, and the last thing she wants is another husband. Until one fairytale evening when she’s invited to a wedding at a castle…

Scottish gentleman Sir Cameron Leslie is smitten with the shy, English beauty at first sight. He’s fiercely drawn to the very strength and independence that make her unwilling to throw caution to the wind and bestow her heart on a younger man. Though passion flares between them, it will take everything Cameron can muster to reawaken Clarice’s long-forgotten dreams of true love…



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(Roxton Series #2)

Genre: Historical Romance (18th century)

Official Blurb 

Set in the opulent world of the 18th century aristocracy and inspired by real events, Midnight Marriage is the standalone second book in the acclaimed Roxton family saga.

Two noble teenagers are married against their will. Drugged, Deb has no recollection of events. Disgraced, Julian is banished to the Continent. Nine years later, Deb falls in love with a wounded duelist, only to later discover it is her husband returned incognito! Can Deb forgive his cruel deception? Can their marriage survive beyond seduction? Meanwhile, Julian’s nemesis plots to destroy them both…



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(The de Montforte Brothers #1)

Genre: Historical Romance (18th century)

Official Blurb 

The bluest of blood; the blackest of rogues; the de Montforte brothers will take your breath away.

Meet Lord Gareth…

“They call me The Wild One, and for good reason. The devil only knows whether or not I am husband material. But I do know one thing. I will do anything to win Juliet’s love…and to be the husband and father—the man—I know it is within me to be.” —Lord Gareth de Montforte, Blackheath Castle, Berkshire, England, 1776

Lord Gareth de Montforte is known as an irresponsible rake with a heart of gold. When he thwarts a stagecoach robbery, he is stunned to discover that the beautiful young woman he has heroically rescued, Juliet Paige, is his deceased brother’s fiancée, accompanied by her infant daughter. Despite his family’s refusal to acknowledge Juliet, Gareth is determined to do right by the courageous woman who crossed an ocean to give her baby the name she rightfully deserves.

As a practical American woman, Juliet is wary of marrying this black sheep aristocrat, yet she is hopelessly charmed by the dashing devil. Never has she met anyone who embraces life so thoroughly, who makes her laugh, who loves her so well. And, even when it seems the odds are against them, Juliet has absolute faith that Gareth will go beyond the call of duty to give her and her daughter a home—and a love that will last a lifetime.



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(Clan MacDougall #1)

Genre: Historical Romance (18th century)

Official Blurb 

Betrayed by lies before her birth, Aishlinn believes kind and honorable men do not exist. Raised in near seclusion by a cruel stepfather, she is traded to work at Castle Firth in Penrith England for the price of two sheep. When the despised Earl of Penrith attacks her late one night and attempts to rape her, Aishlinn stabs him in self-defense and flees England for the safety of the Scottish highlands. Surviving the horrific beating at the hands of the Earl, Aishlinn is rescued by a fierce band of highland warriors who swear their allegiance to her for killing the hated Earl–the same man who had destroyed their village and killed their families when they were boys. Duncan McEwan, future chief of the Clan MacDougall, has survived countless battles and bed innumerable women. He has scaled mountains, survived a horrific storm at sea and even hand-to-claw battle with a ferocious cat-o’mountain. But none of that could have prepared him for how his life is forever changed one fateful spring day when he rescues a very battered young woman. Together with his men, they risk everything to take her to the safety of their clan. She soon learns that kind and honorable men do exist and one in particular changes her heart forever. She discovers an inner strength and it will be tested to the limits when she is forced to make a heart wrenching decision–allow the English to kill those she loves or surrender for the crime she committed. With an intense code of honor Duncan must now battle the feelings for the beautiful Aishlinn. He will do anything to keep her as his own and he’ll do anything to keep her out of the hands of the English.



Source: ARC received from the author in return for an honest review

To be published November 2013

(Scottish Brides #2)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Official Blurb 

A night of no return… 

Lady Mairi MacLoed is young and beautiful, and fashionable Edinburgh’s most flirtatious hostess. But within the merry widow beats a grieving heart and he mourns the loss of her husband and the secrets she must keep. Desperately seeking to forget, she spends one night with Jack Rutherford, an accomplished rake, but their wanton night together is an encounter of body only and, Lady Mairi would prefer to forget it.

A strong protector 

When Mairi is threatened by blackmail, Jack is the only man who can help her. As they work together to uncover where the danger lies, their passion reignites. Little by little, the masks they wear burn down, and their most private secrets come to light.


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Did you know? 

Wales is known as “the land of song” and, for me, nothing exemplifies the musical traditions more than the Welsh Male Voice Choirs of the coal mining valleys of South Wales. This is one of my favourite songs, the hauntingly beautiful ‘Myfanwy’, sung by the world renowned Treorchy Male Voice Choir. The choir is filmed against the background of a typical mining village.


If you are feeling energetic you can walk up Snowdon, the highest mountain peak in Wales (3,560 ft). For the less energetic, the Snowdon Mountain Railway will take you the 4.7 miles (7.6km) to the summit. This rack and pinion railway is the only one in the United Kingdom.

Renowned actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was born in Port Talbot, South Wales. Probably his most famous role was as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

Francis Lewis, one of the signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence, as a representative of New York, was born in Llandaff, Cardiff, South Wales on 21 March 1713. He was educated in Scotland and attended Westminster School in England. He entered a mercantile house in London and then moved to Whitestone, New York in 1734.

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Free Books Worth Reading

And Then She Kissed Him

I work at a small school and bring home a small paycheck. I’m also looking for a new place to live, so I’m trying to save as much money as possible. How, then, does a girl get her reading fix on a tiny budget?

Answer: free books. Good ones.

The Devil You Know by Victoria Vane—today’s the last day to snag this erotic Georgian novella. I haven’t read this one yet, but I read A Wild Night’s Bride, the first in the series, and liked it a lot. DeVere is definitely a wounded soul, for all he tries very hard to hide it, and those are some of my favorite heroes. I’m very excited to get to know him better, and see his wounds healed.

Daughter of Time by Sarah Woodbury—the first in the After Cilmeri series, this time-travel romance is technically YA, but I didn’t realize it until…

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“Perhaps the two of us simply got off on the wrong foot, my lord. You seem to have received the mistaken impression that I came to Fairchild Park to make your life more difficult.”
“The words ‘a living hell’ have come to mind more than once since your arrival.”
She blew out a gusty sigh. “Contrary to what you may believe, I took this position so I could bring more ease to your life.”
“Just when were you planning to start?”

( Samantha Wickersham and Gabriel Fairchild)

― from Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros

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(Highland Pleasures #5.5)

Genre: Historical Romance (Victorian)

Official Blurb 


To redeem her family’s disgraced name, Lady Louisa Scranton has decided to acquire a proper husband. He needs to be a man of fortune and highly respectable in order to restore both her family’s lost wealth and reputation. She enters the Marriage Mart with all flags flying, determined to find the right bachelor.

But Louisa’s hopes are dashed when the Bishop of Hargate drops dead at her feet—and she is shockingly accused of murder! Soon, Louisa’s so-called friends begin shunning her, because the company of a suspected killer is never desirable in polite society.

The problem comes to the ears of Detective Inspector Lloyd Fellows, by-blow of the decadent Scottish Mackenzie family and an inspector for Scotland Yard. He has shared two passionate kisses with Lady Louisa–and vows to clear her name. For not only does he know she’s innocent, he recognizes he’s falling for the lovely lady.

Fellows is Louisa’s only hope of restoring her family’s honor—and it is he alone who intrigues Louisa in a way that may be even more scandalous than murder…

* Includes a preview of the upcoming novel, “THE WICKED DEEDS OF DANIEL MACKENZIE”


There are some series that are totally addictive and Jennifer Ashley’s HIGHLAND PLEASURES is one of them. The Mackenzies have completely woven their way into my heart and I am always eagerly waiting for the next book!

Ms Ashley certainly captured my interest with the intriguing developments between Inspector Lloyd Fellows (the Mackenzies’ illegitimate half-brother) and Lady Louisa Scranton (younger sister of Isabella, Mac Mackenzie’s wife) in the previous books. They had shared two passionate kisses and something definitely sparked between them. But it seemed that spark was never to be ignited.

After her father died, disgraced and penniless, Louisa is determined to find a suitable husband to help restore her family’s reputation. As much as Lloyd Fellows might stir her blood like no other man, his illegitimate birth and working-class background make him totally unsuitable. Lloyd Fellows’ dreams may be haunted by the beautiful Lady Louisa Scranton but he knows that a man of his humble background could never aspire to such a lady of breeding.

It takes a dramatic turn of events to finally bring these two together again, when Louisa becomes the main suspect in a murder case and Lloyd is called in to investigate.

Lloyd has always been the ruthlessly dedicated policeman…never a man to show his emotions. So I enjoyed seeing his obvious love and concern for his mother which reveals a much softer and caring side to him. His overwhelming need to protect Louisa is pretty awesome…even to the point of being willing to sacrifice his own job.

It is easy to sympathise with Louisa’s feelings of bewilderment…her whole world has been turned upside down. She knows she’s innocent but even former friends are quick to shun her and believe the worst. But, she is braver than she thinks, particularly when it comes to trapping the real murderer.

The romance between them is tender, poignant and passionate. I was amused by the scene when Lloyd is initially questioning Louisa about the events surrounding the murder. On the surface, he is the cool, calm, professional policeman but, all the time, he is having difficulty keeping his hands off her! The sexual tension is heightened by a sense of the forbidden and, when they finally succumb to their feelings, look out for a pretty steamy scene in Lloyd’s office!

Of course, the whole Mackenzie clan makes an appearance and I just love seeing a further glimpse into their lives beyond their own books. When Mac says to Louisa –“Remember, Louisa, we are always here to catch you.” – it seems to embody everything I love about the Mackenzies…that unbreakable family bond. I have to admit that I just adore Daniel Mackenzie…funny, charming, smart, perceptive and not above trying his hand at a little matchmaking.

I enjoyed how the murder mystery unfolded and there were just enough red herrings to keep the plot moving, and the identity of the murderer quite a surprise.

Jennifer Ashley has yet to disappoint with this series and THE UNTAMED MACKENZIE is another worthy addition. Now I’m eager to read Daniel’s story and luckily there’s not long to wait until 1 October.



Read September

Highland Pleasures series to date (click on the covers for further details):

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures, #1) Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Highland Pleasures, #2) The Many Sins of Lord Cameron (Highland Pleasures, #3) The Duke's Perfect Wife (Highland Pleasures, #4) A Mackenzie Family Christmas  The Perfect Gift (Highland Pleasures, #4.5) The Seduction of Elliot McBride (Highland Pleasures, #5) The Untamed Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures, #5.5) The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures, #6)-1 October 2013


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Let’s break open the champagne and get this party swinging!

I have a fun quiz for you and one lucky reveller will win paperback copies of these two fabulous books together with a beautiful Celtic design bookmark! 


Driven to uncover the truth about the mysterious death of his ladylove, the Duke of Hawkscliffe will go to any lengths to unmask a murderer. Even if it means jeopardizing his reputation by engaging in a scandalous affair with London’s most provocative courtesan–the desirable but aloof Belinda Hamilton.

Bel has used her intelligence and wit to charm the city’s titled gentlemen, while struggling to put the pieces of her life back together. She needs a protector, so she accepts Hawk’s invitation to become his mistress in name only. He asks nothing of her body, but seeks her help in snaring the same man who shattered her virtue. Together they tempt the unforgiving wrath of society–until their risky charade turns into a dangerous attraction, and Bel must make a devastating decision that could ruin her last chance at love…

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡


From a New York Times bestselling author, the immensely popular world of Twitter comes alive in this delightfully modern yet unforgettably timeless love story. In Goodnight Tweetheart, now with an exclusive new epilogue, Teresa Medeiros tells a poignant and engaging story in a groundbreaking style.

Can two strangers who meet (and tweet) by chance find a love strong enough to last a lifetime? That’s the question former literary sensation Abby Donovan is forced to explore when she meets Mark Baynard on Twitter. Mark, an English professor traveling the world, shatters Abby’s writer’s block one witty tweet at a time. Just as she begins to write and live again, she discovers Mark is hiding a secret that could change both of their lives forever. In the tradition of Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, two lonely people discover it doesn’t take 140 characters to find your soul mate, just three little words.

♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

There will also be a special prize for the reveller who achieves the highest correct score in the quiz. My sincere thanks to Victoria Vane who is kindly offering the winner a choice of one of the audio books from her amazing The Devil DeVere series!



There are 4 rounds to the quiz…so let the fun begin!




Name these authors…







Simply answer these questions…

1. In The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn what is the name of the competitive game the Bridgerton family play?

2. What is the name of Beatrix’s pet ferret in the Hathaway series by Lisa Kleypas?

3. Who is The Last Hellion?

4. What is unusual about Annie Trimble, the heroine in Annie’s Song by Catherine Anderson?

5. Who was Eloisa James’ inspiration for Piers Yelverton, her hero in When Beauty Tamed the Beast?


Take a look at these stepbacks and name the book and the author…




(This book is due to be published on 28 February 2014)




Name the author of the following Historical Romances…

1. Kingdom of Dreams
2. The Many Sins of Lord Cameron
3. A Summer to Remember
4. Claiming the Courtesan
5. The Dark Lady


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FREE download of Victoria Vane’s THE DEVIL YOU KNOW !

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