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Find out what books are on my auto-buy list for May


New review of How to Entice an Earl by Manda Collins


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Anglesey Eggs – a delicious and inexpensive Welsh Recipe


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Isn’t this a simply gorgeous cover? I love the rich green of Artemis’s dress!

Expected publication date (UK): 7 November 2013

Maiden Lane #6


Twenty years ago Maximus Batten witnessed the brutal murders of his parents. Now the autocratic Duke of Wakefield, he spends his days ruling Parliament. But by night, disguised as the Ghost of St. Giles, he prowls the grim alleys of St. Giles, ever on the hunt for the murderer. One night he finds a fiery woman who meets him toe-to-toe-and won’t back down . . .


Artemis Greaves toils as a lady’s companion, but hiding beneath the plain brown serge of her dress is the heart of a huntress. When the Ghost of St. Giles rescues her from footpads, she recognizes a kindred spirit-and is intrigued. She’s even more intrigued when she realizes who exactly the notorious Ghost is by day . . .


Artemis makes a bold move: she demands that Maximus use his influence to free her imprisoned brother-or she will expose him as the Ghost. But blackmailing a powerful duke isn’t without risks. Now that she has the tiger by the tail, can she withstand his ire-or the temptation of his embrace?

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Expected Publication Date : June 2013


Whether by nature or by nurture, Salime was not given to open displays of emotion, yet she had watched his soulful eyes as she recounted the tale of Rabee and Baktash and clearly saw that he was moved. Here was truly a man among men, one with a sensitive spirit and a poet’s soul, a man of deep passion, a type of man she had never before encountered. And her heart had bled. Not only for the tragic lovers…but for him.
Until this night, Salime had thought herself in love with Lord DeVere. He had been her rescuer, her salvation in her time of greatest need. When others surely would have used her and left her for dead, he had showed her the greatest kindness and generosity. He was handsome, rich, and powerful, yet privately gentle and fiercely loyal to those he cared for.
He was a man to admire and Salime had worshipped him as a god. She had danced for him, smoked with him, had tended him in the hammam and they had been almost as intimate as lovers. She trusted him implicitly, yet he had always maintained a certain distance, an impenetrable reserve. His eyes had never spoken silently to her soul.
Salime had shared the secrets of her body with perhaps a hundred different men, but not one of them, until now, had ever evinced any desire to know the secrets of her heart. Yet, in the space of the few hours she had spent alone with Simon, something…no everything… had irrevocably changed. They had progressed from complete strangers to achieving a brief connection of souls that had made her pulse race and her heart quiver. It had endured only the span of a few heartbeats, nevertheless it had penetrated to her very bones.
She felt as if she’d awakened from a deep slumber…the slumber of a loveless lifetime. She now realized she was a flesh and blood woman who needed, not an idol to worship, but a mortal man to love. And now that she knew this, Salime would settle for nothing less.

Visit Victoria Vane’s Website and Goodreads Page for more information about the author and The Devil DeVere series. Links below:



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I was lucky enough to win this book on the Romance Bandits blog and, as I’ve always been interested in the English Civil War period, I’m looking forward to reading it.

Official Blurb

When Kate Ashley finds herself unwittingly the inheritor of the Thornton family estate of Seven Ways in Worcestershire, she could not have foreseen that, along with the impoverished estate, the respectable widow of a parliamentary officer, would find herself drawn into the last conflict of the English Civil War by her love for the fugitive royalist Jonathan Thornton.

Jonathan has returned from exile, carrying with him the vain hopes of the young King Charles II and the demons of his own dark past. In the aftermath of the battle of Worcester, Kate is caught between Jonathan and the man who has hunted him down over the years, the dour parliamentarian, Stephen Prescott. Jonathan comes face to face with his nemesis and learns the price he has paid for his long dead love, a secret that will change his life, and Kate’s, forever.

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“I’d like”— she subsided onto the couch—“ to put a sack over my head, stuff cotton wool in my ears, and hum some good old Handel while you do the going on. You can let me know when I’ve conceived.”

– from Darius by Grace Burrowes

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Lonely Lords #1

Setting : Regency England

Official Blurb

Desperate, penniless, and shunned by his wealthy father, Darius Lindsey begins offering himself secretly to jaded society ladies. He hangs onto his last shreds of honor, but he’s losing ground financially each month.

That is until the aging Lord William Longstreet makes Darius an offer he can’t refuse: get the Lord’s pretty young wife-of-convenience, Lady Vivian, pregnant discreetly, and he will earn enough money to never want again. But problems lie ahead when the stunning Vivian captures his heart, and his clients refuse to let him go. Can Darius untangle himself without scandal and offer himself to Vivian heart and soul?


I started reading this book with some trepidation given the story premise, but I was totally captivated by this beautifully crafted and emotionally satisfying tale of love and redemption.

The time had come to ransom his soul back from hell.

Ms Burrowes took a risk with a hero who, to put it in his own words, was crassly bought and paid for, a stud to service a highbred filly, a cicisbeo in the most vulgar, unflattering sense. But for me that risk definitely paid off because it is Darius’s very flaws that make following his journey to regaining his honour and self-respect so much more satisfying. He’s a good and noble man at heart:

…it struck her like a thunderclap that Darius had prostituted himself to provide for John and the collection of castoffs that formed the staff at Averett Hill. There was nothing, nothing Darius would not do to protect his loved ones.

and truly deserves his happy ending.

I was a biddable, unpaid nurse-companion in an ugly dress. I am not… I am not the woman I am supposed to be, unless I am with you. I had no courage. I had no fortitude. I had no trust. I was nobody’s mother, nobody’s lioness, nobody’s lover.”

I adore Vivian. She’s kind, honest, intelligent and a genuine lady. I loved watching her blossom into the woman she’s meant to be – confident, courageous, passionate and a wonderful mother. Most of all I love her for seeing what a truly wonderful man Darius is.

He was just a man, she was just a woman, and it would be… just sex.

One of the highlights of the book is the slow-building romance between Darius and Vivian. It makes their falling in love seem natural and inevitable. There are so many things I love about the relationship – Darius’s flirting and teasing, Vivian’s delightful innocence, the passion and their overwhelming love for each other.

The secondary characters certainly add depth the story. There’s Vivian’s kindly and astute husband, Lord Longstreet, Thurgood Ainsworthy, Vivian’s avaricious step-father and Lady Cowell and Lady Milne (I would hesitate to use the word Lady in connection with them!), those harpies who make Darius’s life such a misery. I’m happy to report that both the harpies and Ainsworthy get their just desserts.

I can’t end this review without mentioning the scenes with Darius and the baby.  They’re so moving and heart-warming.

If you are looking for a story with unforgettable characters and a love story that touches the heart, look no further than this book.


RATING:  5/5 Stars


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